Everyone Is Invited

It’s always difficult to decide what to write, especially when you think someone may actually read it. Because, really, who cares what most people think anyway? Everybody has his or her truth nowadays, and few people seemingly search for absolute truth.

So, in the absence of that spiritual search for absolute truth, what do we really have left? I guess we still have, as a civilized society, the basics: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; treat people with respect; be kind; and follow your heart. In light of those mainstays, a few really wonderful, caring people have agreed to work for almost nothing (and in some cases, literally nothing) to start “Center for a Better Life,” (www.centerforabetterlife.com) and its accompanying magazine, livebetter.

© iStockphoto.com/cgbaldauf

© iStockphoto.com/cgbaldauf

Our mission is to educate people about the importance of sustainability in their daily lives – to help promote the idea of preserving resources for future generations, to assist those individuals smarter than we are in getting their critical message out about global warming and to create a communications infrastructure to deliver this vital information. In addition, we’re working with Federal agencies, non-profit groups and private industry to put together programs of change.

Everyone is invited to become part of this process. There are no outsiders – only insiders. And we celebrate the accomplishments of all stakeholders. We’re not political; we take no sides, and we try not to change anyone’s opinion. We’re just trying to create a framework to disseminate fact-focused information so you can decide for yourself how you feel about things; and, what to do about it. We do have one mantra, though: We go directly to the source to provide the truth – or as close to the truth as frail human beings can get.

...decide for yourself how you feel about things...
As a direct result of this process, we’ve found some great human beings who have agreed to be involved in this mission because they care deeply about the world, humanity, the environment and its many inhabitants. Some are generals; some are admirals; some are members of tribal councils; some are internationally renowned experts within their fields; some are professors from major learning institutions; some are former presidential advisors; some are current federal executives in the White House; some are well respected celebrities; and many are just like me – normal, everyday people with no claim to fame – just a conviction of the heart and a driving moral imperative to be involved because, according to Air Force Major General Del Eulberg, “it’s the right thing to do.”

Our company focuses on bettering the human condition. We’re for profit so we don’t have to ask for money to keep us afloat and because we need to be free of influence to accomplish our goals. We have big plans to become a driving force in the world for social, environmental and humanitarian change because we know the power really is with the people. Most of us are old enough to remember Martin Luther King, Jr.; and some of us, like Vice Admiral Mike Loose, continue to be inspired by John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

We hope you’ll stand side-by-side with us in our goal to help all people “live better.” We especially want to thank the Kuhns family, owners of Kuhns Bros. Log Homes, in Lewisburg, Penn. They so believed in our vision that they became our very first funding partners. We owe a lot to them, and we hope to make them proud.

Rosemarie Calvert
Independence, WV