Finding Your Purpose In Life

When starting to write this guest column, I was originally focused on sustainability, especially because Kuhns Bros. Log Homes is dedicated to preserving the quality of life for future generations. So, as I thought about what a gal from central Pennsylvania could say that would be of value to anyone, I immediately thought about our purpose in life.

For me sustainability begins where God would want me to be: Love my family; be best friends with my husband; build relationships; always say I “can” instead of “cannot” while simultaneously looking for the positives in life and focusing on the goals that are most important for success.

I believe that most everything happens in life for a reason; it shapes us into what and who we need to be for the purpose that we are meant to fulfill. Some people call it “destiny”; others call it by another name. By any other name, it is still the same thing an intimate, powerful journey that constantly tests us, molds us and makes us into totally unique human beings.



I wonder, as I think most people do, if the tenets of the journey are such that they require us to focus on what’s most important. Is this to help strengthen us where we are most weak? Or is it to help us love just a little bit more? Some times I wonder if becoming who we are supposed to be is accomplished through simpler things, like taking time to listen or sharing with others.

I think about this everyday and, as a result, endeavor to understand what is most important to my customers, colleagues, employees, family members or even the human population in general. Constantly and consistently, I remind myself that this journey is both complex and simple and that this path is a sacred one that will lead me to where I need to be. Along the way it’s important to communicate clearly, to be honest and to never waver in integrity. Because clearly, within an instant, the journey can test one’s will, one’s faith, one’s patience and maybe even one’s virtue sometimes all at the same time! Nobody said life was easy. . . .

We all know that, between work and family, life can swallow us up on a daily basis with our many things “to do.” My one word of wisdom to combat this chaos is “STOP.” Begin the journey if you haven’t already; travel the path; and find your purpose in life. It will become one of the most singular, uniquely powerful acts that you will ever set your mind to do. And it will set you free, making those other wise mindless daily “to do’s” an act of love and commitment as you shape them to really matter. There is no magic potion, but in time life will go from rote to powerful, evolving into one of profound meaning because you will know your true purpose.

I truly believe that this re-evaluation of our own lives will bring to bear a positive mark for our future genera tions as well. This new purpose in life will, collectively, give us the strength of purpose to love our families just a little bit more, to make our significant others our very best friends and to work on building stronger relationships with others, regardless of race, creed or color. Last but not least, let’s challenge one another to make a new friend every chance we get. What other challenge could be better for “building a better world”?