Five Products You Should Check Out for Issue 3, 2008

wc_296_11. EM Quant ® Arsenic Test

EMD Chemicals is the North American affiliate of Germany’s Merck. The company has been conscious of its impact on the environment for years and assists customers in the proper handling and usage of, return of and recycling of waste chemicals. In addition, the firm provides important tests for many different volatile chemicals found in water and in soil extracts. Arsenic is one of the volatile chemicals that is often a result of ground water contamination from a number of sources to include unsuitably sited waste dumps. EM Quant Arsenic Test can be used to monitor the levels of arsenic compounds in ground water, which may contain up to 0.1 mg/l of arsenic. Mineral water, which may have a considerably higher arsenic concentration, soil extracts, pharmaceutical products, specimens and liquid foods can all be tested for arsenic concentration as well.
For more information, visit them at or call 800-222-0342.

2. GreenFiber Insulation

wc_296_2GreenFiber™ is the manufacturer of natural fiber insulation, fire and sound products that not only offer permanent and proven fire resistance for the life of a structure but also reduce nuisance noise when used in walls to create a more comfortable living space. Their products, produced in 11 electric-driven plants across the U.S., consist of 85 percent recycled paper fiber. Energy use for the production of GreenFiber’s products is ten times less than the energy required to manufacture other insulation materials. GreenFiber’s sustainability mission is the quest to leave the world better than their employees found it by conserving natural resources, fostering healthy work environments and communities, and creating economic growth.
To learn more, visit or call 800-228-0024.

3. Green Power Generators

wc_296_3Green Power Generators ™ (GPG) is pioneering new custom-built biodiesel fuel generators. Derived from biological sources such as vegetable oil, the biodiesel fuel used in operating them is safe to handle, as biodegradable as sugar and it reduces net carbon dioxide emissions by 78 percent compared to traditional petroleum diesel-fueled generators. GPG generators feature Cummins Tier-3 engines that meet the most stringent EPA emissions standards. Only 1 percent of generators currently used are Tier-3. The company also has its own supply of biodiesel fuel as well as transportation, utility and refueling trucks that run on fuel from the same source to ensure that all measures are taken to prevent unnecessary carbon emissions.
For more information, please visit or call 323-960-0113.

4. PolyPavement

wc_296_4When your landscaping dream requires a paved area, your vision should include PolyPavement, the natural soil pavement. Unlike soil stabilizers that hold down dust and dirt marginally, PolyPavement provides a solid pavement wear surface. Converting the earth itself into a solid pavement, it allows the complete palette of Nature’s earth tones, colors and hues. Environmentally safe PolyPavement is non-toxic to plants and animals; it contains no known carcinogenic ingredients such as vinyl acetate or acetaldehyde. In addition, it may be applied in environmentally sensitive areas without worry or concern. In tests PolyPavement has been proved safe for sensitive aquatic life and did not leach into ground water. Natural Soil Pavement, more than two times stronger than asphalt, cannot be damaged by rain. It supports heavy vehicles yet requires little or no maintenance. Foot traffic areas, parking lots, service roads or other services may be specified to meet any and all design requirements.
To find out more, visit or call 323-954-2240.

5. Niagara EcoLogic 1.28 gpf HET Flapperless Toilet

wc_296_5Flapperless Toilets utilize new innovative “tipping bucket” technology that controls water flow by eliminating rubber flappers and seals often found in traditional toilets prone to leaks because of improper seating or normal “wear and tear” from corrosive minerals in the water. Flapperless toilets also have fewer moving parts than normal toilets so they greatly decrease the need for repair and maintenance. The “tipping bucket” ensures that no more than 1.6 gallons of water are used per flush (54 percent less than a 3.5 gallon per flush model). If a family of four replaced a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet with a Flapperless, EPA WaterSense-approved toilet, they would save more than $90 annually on their water bill. Niagara Conservation’s two EPA-approved models are N2225R and N2225E.
For more information please visit or call 800-831-8383.