Seven Products You Should Check Out

1. EnOcean

wc_198_1EnOcean manufactures and markets world-leading energy harvesting technology, sensors and RF (radio frequency) communication in a single solution for building and home automation, lighting, industrial, automated meter reading and environmental applications. Dramatic advances in this technology are significantly broadening the application of battery-free wireless lighting control in sustainable, green construction in the United States. Installation, system configuration, commissioning, operation and maintenance are simple and quick. The products are scalable and can be moved easily so they adapt readily to changing floor plans. The EnOcean technology is based on miniaturized, ultra low power electronics. They are fully compatible with existing sensors and industry-standard networks.
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2. Mecho/5 with EcoVeil Shadecloth

wc_296_2Mecho/5 with EcoVeil shadecloth is the first complete solar shading system to receive Cradle to Cradle certification from MBDC, the sustainable product development and consulting firm founded by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. Cradle to Cradle products can be reused or recycled, are manufactured with energy– and water-efficient processes and are socially responsible. MechoShade Systems’ products enable buildings to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. They enhance personal and workplace productivity by minimizing solar heat gain, excessive brightness and annoying glare from direct sunlight. The EcoVeil shadecloth is made from a thermoplastic olefin (TPO) based yarn.
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3. Ciralight SunTrackerOne

wc_198_3Many people spend more than 80 percent of their time indoors under inadequate electric lighting which is both uncomfortable and inefficient. Most people, including 75 percent of employees surveyed, prefer daylighting over electric lighting. Electric lighting does not satisfy human biological needs as compared to full-spectrum daylighting. This fact is critical since these biological needs affect well-being, health and healing. High-performance daylighting systems, such as Ciralight SunTrackerOne, solve this problem by optimizing these biological benefits. In fact, electric lighting can be turned off completely for up to 10 hours during the day using Ciralights. Energy consumption decreases making it very efficient.
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4. American Heritage Crafters

wc_198_4aAmerican Heritage Crafters (AHC) is a unique company consisting of two different but synergistic divisions created to manufacture and to market high-quality, handcrafted home furnishings and accessories. The web-based retail sales division carries a full line of more than 3,450 high-end furniture, lighting and accessory products, all of which are 100 percent American-made. The second division concentrates on the manufacturing of millwork items and log furniture. The Kuhns Bros. Millwork Store includes two exclusive lines of furniture, more than 300 custom door designs, moldings, hardwood flooring and custom millworks. American Heritage Crafters is a sister company of Kuhns Bros. Enterprises.
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5. Siemens Wireless Room Temperature Sensors

wc_198_5Wireless room sensors are not new. What is new is the way Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., has incorporated reliable, redundant mesh networking technology to ensure its new wireless room temperature sensors are immune to signal interruption. In Nov. 2005, Siemens introduced APOGEE® Wireless, the first wireless building automation system based on mesh topology. With a display that features temperature, setpoint values and occupancy condition, the device will enable the most ambitious, cost and energy-efficient HVAC control schemes. HVAC system designers and contractors can place the wireless sensor in the most optimal location to deliver occupant comfort and control rather than where it is easiest to wire.
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6. Tecta America’s TectaGreen™

wc_198_6TectaGreen’s long successful continuous green roof application incorporates a specially-engineered system of layers which protects roof membranes from extreme temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet radiation. It also includes a new modular system which can be placed over the top of a conventional roof. Both incorporate drought-tolerant plants and provide environmental and aesthetic solutions and benefits for rooftops. TectaGreen™ can double the life span of conventional roofs, provide energy savings by reducing heating and cooling costs and improve stormwater management by minimizing run-off. It also conforms to rigorous U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) green standards and qualifies for LEED certification for tax benefits.
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7. Tecta Environmental Solutions

wc_198_7When looking for solutions to providing energy for your building, utilizing the roof makes perfect sense. Designed to increase energy productivity and savings, Tecta Environmental Solutions include: Tecta’s new solar tracking skylights and light pipes, cool roof coatings, TectaGreen™ green roofs and TectaSolar’s photovoltaic cells. Tecta Environmental Solutions provide environmental alternatives to help keep buildings cooler, to save energy by utilizing natural light and to extend the useful life of the roof. And, Tecta’s nationwide team of project managers and site supervisors has the expertise to utilize Tecta Environmental Solutions to fulfill Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) specifications from construction to certification.
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