No. 10, May/June 2011

Winning Hearts & Minds: A Conversation with Admiral Gary Roughead

Winning Hearts & Minds: A Conversation with Admiral Gary Roughead

Few people understand “smart” power as well as Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Gary Roughead. To this ingenious, adept leader of the world’s largest and most powerful navy, it’s not just about military strategy or political science; it’s about heart. It’s about the measure of a man with regard to honor, courage and commitment. And, it’s about appreciation and respect for the natural world. As one of the U.S. Defense Department’s most powerful de...

Ecosystem Services & Comprehensive Land-Use Planning

Ecosystem Services & Comprehensive Land-Use Planning

The past two decades have witnessed a shift in conservation strategy by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments around the globe. Within this time span, the driving motivation behind habitat protection has changed from a sole focus on biodiversity with inducement provided by engaging images of creatures like giant pandas that look cute, furry and doe-eyed to the use of ecosystem services – goods and services accruing to society as a result of healthy, f...

HOBOS: A UNESCO-Awarded Learning Project

HOBOS: A UNESCO-Awarded Learning Project

General education is a process crucial to humanity’s future progress as it offers skills necessary for the success of individuals and of societies, including enhancement of the ability to: think critically, integrate and synthesize knowledge, draw conclusions from complex material, understand the natural and physical worlds, grasp the processes by which scientific concepts are developed and modi...

Using Satellites to Sustain Earth

HDR & SROI How to Measure “Green”

CH2M HILL Seeking Energy/Water Balance

The Changing Arctic: New Challenges & Opportunities

Cooperative River Restoration for Long-Term Urban Sustainability

Ways Forward Engaging Gender & Development

Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California

U.S. Navy: Shore Energy Reform

Terror, Violence & Religion: The International Conference at the Leiden Institute for Religious Studies

Incentives for Energy Efficiency

Reclaiming our Spiritual Connection