About Us

Center for a Better Life™ is focused on bettering the human condition, within a real-world scenario, using a sustainable business model. We are for profit with a non-profit Center for a Better Life Foundation. Our for-profit’s primary focus is to accomplish our business goals in a socially responsible and financially viable manner, which frees us from the circle of non-profit funding. We have big plans to become a driving force for social, environmental and humanitarian change because we understand that the power really does lie with the people; and that we, as a nation and as a global community, cannot move forward until we do so together.

Our vision is to build consumer and business advocacy for, and public and private involvement with, all aspects of sustainability by enhancing and shaping public understanding of its importance. We are partnering with private industry, federal agencies and departments, colleges and universities, foundations and other relevant organizations to raise awareness of the importance of the natural world for personal health, national security and economic well-being.