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Women & Community-Based Conservation

Although the US environmental movement began in the late 1800s, it was fractured from the very beginning. Preservationists like John Muir, wilderness author and Sierra Club founder, were focused on protection of nature through parks and other legal mechanisms that allowed limited human use.  Think Yellowstone.  This philosophy was opposed by Gifford Pinchot, who sought to manage resources for mo...
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Tropical Coral Reefs & Changing Oceans

As soon as the divers venture from the shadow of the ship floating above, a cloud of tropical fishes surround them.  Bright purple, black, green and yellow, they dart around like bees in a hive.  Large blue parrotfishes wander through and lazily bite off bits of corals with their parrot-like beaks.  Wary of the looming shape of the divers, small nemo fish burrow between the poisonous tentacles ...
Image courtesy of NATO | Afghan dreams through the eyes of Afghan children.

Human Creativity & Cultural Diversity: Being Different is a Natural State

Globalization has underlying impacts on social relations, transformation of political communities and narration of self through its interconnecting and networking of the world. More particularly, sense of selfhood and narration of identity have been affected by the deteriorating characteristics of globalization. These transformations reflect the emergence of a new sense of a global we, which bring...

Thought Leaders Securitization of Borders: Is There a Better Way?

Securitization of Borders: Is There a Better Way?

Attention to national borders has a long history. In the past, the Chinese erected walls and fences around their cities to prevent enemies from penetrating their homeland. Increased border strength guaranteed a country’s security. And, conversely, when borders became penetrable, threats and hazards invaded, weakening the country’s security. Thus, boundaries assumed the role of “insulation,” preventing penetration of enemy dangers and threats. Although this beli...

Earth View The African Lion: Dinner or Endangered?

The African Lion: Dinner or Endangered?

Eeven while the African lion is under review by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FSW) with regard to a possible listing status under the Endangered Species Act, the king of the jungle is becoming relegated to a royal feast.  Lion meat, easily accessible in the United States, is sold on various exotic meat websites and, recently, has been offered on menus at restaurants across the country.  Since neither restaurants nor online meat suppliers raise or slaughter Afric...

Worth Knowing The Dark Side of Genetically Modified Foods

The Dark Side of Genetically Modified Foods

When Pamm Larry first heard about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, her first response was, “Well, this is interesting.” But the more the former midwife read about GMOs, the more frightened she became about the potential harm they were doing to human health and the environment. At first she felt helpless, believing that “the government isn’t going to do anything to protect us, so what can we do?” she says. From there, she moved to a deep despair...