Oneness & Our Original Self: Shifting to a New Way of Living

Oneness & Our Original Self: Shifting to a New Way of Living

Recently there has been much talk about “Oneness,” which is the state or condition of perfect harmony. Within this state, our “original” self is being revealed to each and every one of us. As a result, many people are asking, “What am I missing?” “Why am I feeling empty?” “What is my purpose and my passion?” As a result, we begin to question that there must be more to life. These thoughts are on our mind, and they reflect the beginning of the transitioning or shifting of ourselves back into a new way of living. This new way of living can be defined as our “original self,” our spirit or “is”ness, which is all about the depth of who we truly are. When I wrote my book, Movement of Stillness as Revealed in the New Mayan Calendar Post 2012, I realized the main message of the book was Oneness. We are all connected to it, as it is the birthing of the heart connection to each and every living being.

This indescribable feeling of Oneness wishes to be awakened – urging and nudging us to our true selves. When living from this point of Oneness recognition, all parts of living will be awakened and realized. You become keenly aware of everything about life and living from your true self. It means that life is naturally wrapping itself spiritually around each person more intensely. This process helps you select your choices of how to live in this world and how to exist in a most magnificent way, which could greatly impact and re-vibrate around the world. This re-vibration of the world is, quite frankly, nothing more than recognizing you are One with spirit and this Oneness is the key to your existence. It is here within this Oneness where we discover serenity, peace, happiness and stillness in all aspects of life. I believe it is a time when the refresh button has been pushed, and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is finally here. 

This is our age of water, flow and movement, of connections to community and a loosening of the intellectual mind. It is truly a time when we are learning together and also living together as One.
I say “finally” because we need to “wake up” and realize we are all connected through the woven threads of the One Creator. I discovered through writing my book that the visual design of Oneness was depicted as a simple circle. In its simplicity, the center of the circle is empty, vast and open. It is never ending, always complete and accepting of everything. Therefore, it is the holding pattern for everyone and all of Nature. This open-centered circle could be considered the new Mayan Calendar post 2012, which reflects simplicity, unlike the past calendar filled with symbols, intellectual concepts, scripts and more.

We have merged from the Age of Pieces, where two fish are swimming in opposite, separate directions, to the Age of Aquarius. This is our age of water, flow and movement, of connections to community and a loosening of the intellectual mind. It is truly a time when we are learning together and also living together as One. It is a flow that is naturally occurring upon the planet. It is a flow into your heart and into the hearts of others. The lyrics from the Fifth Dimension’s 1972 song, “Aquarius,” capture this beautifully, and I would encourage you to listen to this particular piece:

“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. . . sympathy and trust abounding, harmony and understanding. . . and mind’s true liberation. . .”
I deeply feel that we are comprised of one understanding, one harmony, one love, one universe and one song. All people are the same, but they may have different skin colors and cultures, differences in languages, food, music and dress. However, all are joining in unison through this vibration or energetic connection called “Oneness” through spirit and our inner selves. The word “universe” (uni-verse) actually means “one song.” When I am able to stay in this place of knowing, then I realize how much impact I have on the planet and on those around me. It begins with us, individually, as separate people moving into our own stillness of ourselves. This includes the releasing of old ideas and behaviors of self destruction, anger, fear, anxiety and sabotage. I love being in Nature, and when I immerse myself into Mother Earth and Father Sky, I feel great! Thoughts that were previously fear-based or filled with anxiety drip off me and fade away. Mountains are my favorite place to surrender into my dreams and to loosen blockages that stop me from achieving inner peace. They are my refuge, my safe haven, as I can go to this serene place to honor all living things. I consistently write about this strong connection we all have to Nature and address how to make this bond even stronger.


We always feel wonderful in the presence of Nature because it has no ego and is transparent in love. Love is who we truly and naturally are in human form. The connection to Nature is absolutely vital in order to rejuvenate this feeling. Throughout the next few years an inner urge to get outside and back to Nature will start to stream through people. This is because you are naturally, and perhaps subconsciously, needing to reconnect to a state of Oneness. You then begin to awaken more and realize that the centered feeling you have when in the presence of Nature is actually “you” feeling your inner, original self say to you, “I am here.” This is the beginning of your connection to Oneness.

Nature, of course, already knows all about connections and Oneness. A purple tulip would never say to the One Creator, “I would rather have red, beautiful, full petals like my neighbor, the rose flower.” Each integral component of Nature, whether it be a tree, a turtle or baby bird, is composed of a spirit being, which is the same in each and every one of us. You are spirit within a human coat similar to a tiny blade of grass, which is spirit covered in a little jacket of green. Therefore, the way in which you participate in life is determined by love and nothing else. This begins with one person recognizing his/her awakened state followed by another and then another cascading with a gentle, rippling effect. It is much like a water droplet entering a body of water creating rippling circles, which dissolve and move into the grandness of the Oneness of the Age of Aquarius.

This movement into the stillness of Oneness is the first to embrace freedom. All of us have a choice or free will – what I call a “will to be free” from fear and anxiety – to live from a point of kindness, passion, compassion, happiness and hope. As you move forward in your life, begin to be aware of your inner sacred place of stillness. Go within; pay attention, and remain in the present moment. Notice how the bird plays with the wind tunnels in the skies. Notice the scrawny legs of a spider or how inch-by-inch a bean sprout pokes its wondrous, newborn head through Mother Earth’s belly. Have you noticed we are all connected as One? The original self is making itself known through the Oneness connection to all. Just allow yourself to move your life into a solidity of stillness. These truly are exciting times!