earth-kindEarth-Kind, Inc. is a manufacturer of all-natural products. The flagship product is Fresh Cab® botanical rodent repellent. This non-toxic, cruelty-free rodent repellent is the only Fed. EPA-registered natural rodent repellent for indoor use. It is also the #1 animal repellent on the USDA Bio-Preferred list. Fresh Cab is distributed nationally in more than 15,000 retailers and online.

Earth-Kind also provides a healthy alternative to conventional air fresheners which can be loaded with toxins,-and companies aren’t required to disclose their ingredients to consumers as fragrances are considered “proprietary information.” Earth-Kind’s eco-friendly air fresheners are made of corn cob chips, odor-absorbing volcanic ash, and essential oils. Scents include: Fresh Adventure, Woodland Escape, Sweet Clover and Pomegranate & Tangerine.

Earth-Kind is committed to providing sustainable solutions and is proud to use biodegradable packaging, have a carbon footprint of 2% and employ dozens of people with developmental disabilities for product assembly.

To find out more, visit or call 1-800-583-2921.